Are Coir Door Mats Effective?

Created primarily as a dirt and dust collector, Commercial Matting's coir door matting is suitable for all entrance types such as areas subject to a lot of foot traffic.

Made from the husk of a coconut, the fibres of the coir mat are thick and coarse in texture, to get rid of the dust and dampness from the soles of shoes before it is tracked in. Without having door matting, the probability of slip and trip accidents happening at work will increase, as uncovered flooring may become slippery and hazardous after some time. Coir door mats are a superb choice for all types of business settings, including offices, educational institutions, reception areas, general public properties, and more! Due to its naturally abrasive and absorbent characteristics, extra dirt and grime are eliminated before incidents can happen. Furthermore, the coconut fibres contain a substantial amount of lignin, which is a structural polymer located in plants to enhance strength and rigidity, most commonly present in different types of wood. Because of this, coir is website also durable and robust, meaning it can endure vigorous use and will not likely rot as time passes from an accumulation of moisture.

If you can’t find the right-sized mat or have an odd-shaped space to fill, then Commercial Matting also offer a coir made-to-measure service. In case you need a custom-sized mat, please feel free to get hold of them today and their team will be more than happy to assist.

All of their coir mats are created with a PVC backing to stop surplus water from seeping away on to the ground. The PVC provides further security for your staff and visitors, reducing the chances of slip hazards. If your flooring is particularly polished and smooth, such as wood or tiled, the PVC offers stability, providing additional grip beneath the click here mat so it doesn’t slide and move across the floor when people are passing through. For a similar purpose, they also offer coir door mats with a durable rubber edge, which is slightly ramped to reduce trip accidents.

If you're striving towards a greener objective, then coir mats are the most suitable choice. They have an extensive range of coir products available on their website, more info with a selection of colours, sizes, and thicknesses to pick from. Make sure to browse the Commercial Matting website today!

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